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Trump OG Strain

Strain Name: Trump OG

Type of Strain: Indica-dominant strain at 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Lineage of Trump OG: OG Kush x Presidential OG

Brief History of Trump OG: The original breeders of Trump OG are unknown, but some experts believe that this strain came from the mountains of Colorado. The parent strains of this Trump OG are said to be the all-time favorite OG Kush as well as Presidential OG. The breeding of these two powerful strains has created a potent offspring known for its strong head and body high.


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Characteristics of Trump OG Hemp: The forest-green leaves of Trump OG have a more Sativa appearance with their long and slender shape. However, the buds have a more Indica look with their dense, round, and chunky appearance. The fluffy buds are covered by a sticky layer of rich trichomes, the colors of which range from frosty white to amber color. Long, reddish orange hairs wrap around the bright forest green buds.

Growing Environment: Trump OG is best grown in greenhouses where the temperature and humidity are better controlled. This is especially important since this type of strain is pretty susceptible to molds. However, Trump OG can also be grown outdoors and requires intermediate maintenance and care.

Harvest Time: The harvest time for Trump OG is typically between eight to nine weeks, if you grow the plants indoors. However, for outdoor growing, harvest time typically comes around the month of October, by the first week to mid-month. It usually yields an average harvest, compared to other strains.

Cannabinoid Profile of Trump OG Hemp: The THC level of the plant is one of the determining factors for it to be called cannabis or hemp. For hemp, its THC content should not go over 0.3%. If its THC level goes beyond this percentage, it is then considered cannabis.

Our Trump OG Hemp contains a low THC level of 0.03% and THCV of 0.02%. It has a high CBDA level of 17.54% and a CBD level of 0.22%. This gives our Trump OG Hemp a ratio of 21.57:1 CBD to THC or 0.05:1 THC to CBD.

Other cannabinoids found in our Trump OG Hemp are CBGA at 0.41%, CBG at 0.06%, and THCA of 0.79%. Check out our flower’s laboratory test result here.

Terpene Profile of Trump OG: No data available.

Flavors and Aromas of Trump OG: Trump OG has a strong pungent, musky, and skunky aroma balanced by hints of herbs and sweet fruits. It tastes the same as its aroma, but there are undertones of citrusy fruits like lemons as well as oranges.

Type of High: Trump OG is considered a creeper strain. You probably won’t feel a thing after about a couple of puffs, but then the effects will hit you fast and hard.

Pretty soon, its Sativa genes will kick in. For a short while, you’ll feel energized, bubbly, talkative, and very sociable. It can also sometimes induce fits of giggling that leave you laughing at even small, inconsequential things. But then the strong body high will take effect once again, leaving you completely relaxed and very sleepy.

So if you’re going to smoke this strain, be sure to have some foods and snacks ready for that sudden increase in appetite.

Trump OG has a very smooth smoke that doesn’t irritate the throat and eyes. This makes it a good strain for beginners to smoking.

Negative Effects of Trump OG: Smoking hemp is also known to cause some sensations of dry eyes and dry mouth. These side effects may be uncomfortable, but they do go away after the effects have worn off.

How to Get Rid of Trump OG’s Side Effects: As mentioned earlier, the side effects typically go away after a while. But if they are becoming too uncomfortable for you, know that rest and sleep can help relieve some of the side effects. Drinking plenty of fluids and eating may also help.

Price: You can purchase Trump OG hemp strain from Colorado Breeders Depot. One gram will cost you $6.99. However, if you want to buy in bulk, then you can get them at only $549 for one pound. So drop us a message now or chat with one of our representatives, and we’ll help you with your purchase.


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