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Tsunami: Comprehensive Strain Review

Despite being an Indica dominant hybrid, Tsunami offers a stark contrast to what you would normally expect from such an Indica leaning strain. Instead of a heavy-hitting full-blown body stone, this indica strain encourages a gentle full-body relaxation, with heightened awareness and sharpened focus. Brought to us by Green Relief, this strain has consistently high levels of THC, averaging around 19%.

Whether you are looking for a daytime or an evening toke, this hybrid strain can be used to both relax and unwind after a long day and it can help you to get things done during the day. Tsunami is used for a variety of issues, including anxiety, appetite, inflammation, and other disorders related to attention and focus.


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Let’s take a closer look at this strain and see why it is such a popular choice amongst the medical marijuana community.

What Type of High does Tsunami Offer?

Even though Tsunami is an Indica dominant hybrid, the high is not consistent with the traditional couch lock associated with indica strains. What you can expect it a gentle full-body relaxation, that users find helpful for releasing residual tension that day to day stress can cause the body to hold onto. You can also expect a sharpening of your senses, which is welcomed with open arms by those that struggle with attention deficient disorders, or even if you just need an extra helping hand getting things done.

Where does Tsunami come from?

Tsunami is brought to us by the guys over at Green Relief. Created from the solid genetics that comes from Blueberry and Himalaya, it comes as no surprise that Tsunami is a solid strain with steadfast genetics.

We all know the age-old adage; to know where you are going you need to know where you come from. Well, with cannabis strains, it is more applicable than you might realize. Let’s see what the parent strains bring to the table, and what goodness Tsunami could inherit from them.

Understanding Tsunami’s Genetics: Blueberry

The Blueberry strain is well known for being a heavy indica with high THC and low CBD levels. Does this sound familiar? Traditionally, Tsunami is an indica leaning hybrid with high levels of THC and almost non-existent levels of CBD. But these two characteristics are not the sole ones that have been carried through to the Tsunami strain.

Blueberry emerged out of the Dutch landscape in the 1970s and has been a well-loved strain, gaining popularity ever since. Blueberry is often used as a parent strain, with it being a delicious nug to both smoke and smell. Besides the aesthetics, Blueberry has consistently high levels of THC- which is carried through the lineage to the Tsunami strain.

Usually, we wouldn’t bother with the genetics of a parent strain, but these grandparents are just too good to be left out. There are few strains as iconic as Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani; all landrace or direct descendants thereof. If you don’t know yet what a landrace strain is, then let’s keep it concise: a landrace strain is as OG as it gets. The ‘original gangsters’ of cannabis strains. The backbones of today’s diverse cannabis strains. The godmothers and godfathers of all your favorite modern strains. We could go on, but you get the picture. With grandparents and parents as solid as these, you can’t g(r)ow wrong with Tsunami.

If you were wondering whether Tsunami has stable genetics worth cultivating, then all your doubts should be calmed by now. And if you still need an extra nudge, then just wait until you see what the next parent strain is all about; the Himalaya.

Understanding Tsunami’s Genetics: Himalaya

Another pure Indica, Himalaya is a strain that emerged from the mystical mountains of North India and Nepal- where many believe most of the cannabis we find today originated from.

How Does Himalaya Smell?

For many people, Himalaya is love at first whiff.

On the nose, you will find peppery hints and a bit of spice to liven up your palate before hints of chocolate goodness follow.

About Our Tsunami Autoflower

By using an Autoflower seed, you can be sure that you will have female budding fresh flowers in a few weeks.

As you can see in the Tsunami flower review, it is generally a high THC strain. Our hemp Tsunami Autoflower has no THC, yet still offers all the benefits that regular Tsunami offers. You can check out the third-party lab reports for a detailed data overview.

Our Tsunami Autoflower is less than 0.3% THC and contains a decent CBDA count.

Have you looked at it yet? If you have, good! When purchasing cannabis seeds or flowers online, you should cultivate a habit of checking up on a company’s third-party lab results. And if you can’t find them? Well, ask for them- or, just purchases the highest quality seeds and flowers directly from Colorado’s favorite distributers.


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