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What are the strains of CBD Flower with the Highest – Lowest CBD Content?

cbd flower with highest and lowest cbd content

CBD flower strains have unique qualities that make their impact on the body and mind highly nuanced. In short, no two CBD flowers are exactly the same. Some CBD flowers have particularly high levels of CBD content while others are comparably low.

Below, we provide a look at each end of the CBD flower spectrum from those with high levels of CBD all the way down to those with comparably low levels of CBD. Try CBD flowers at the upper and lower ends of the spectrum for yourself and you’ll be able to move forward with the right CBD level for your unique physiology and ailments.

Charlotte’s Web

The Charlotte’s Web CBD strain might ring a bell as the mainstream media spotlighted it several years ago to reveal just how effective CBD flower is for alleviating crippling medical conditions. Patients dealing with pain, anxiety and other medical conditions swear by Charlotte’s Web for good reason.

Try Charlotte’s Web for yourself and you’ll agree it is worth the hype. This potent strain will eliminate your pain and make you feel calm, especially if you are plagued by physical pain.


The ACDC strain has around 15% CBD yet only around 1% THC.  This strain even goes up to 20% CBD. Though certain variations of ACDC elevate the THC level to 6%, those who look hard enough will find strains with as little as 0.42% THC. Take a puff of ACDC and you will feel happy, relaxed and calm.

Though you won’t experience a psychedelic high due to the comparably low level of THC, ACDC will have you feeling sociable, focused and at ease. ACDC fans are adamant it helps them overcome the symptoms of nausea, inflammation, migraine headaches, arthritis, anxiety, neuropathy and other conditions.


No, this strain was not named after Harley Quinn of batman strain. However, Harlequin is just as appealing as the famous cartoon character. Harlequin is another high-CBD strain that helps people feel alert morning, day and night. Harlequin is your productivity power-up! Take a couple of puffs and feel the energy surge through you. Work feels lighter, workouts become enjoyable, and getting things done is a breeze. This high-CBD strain also helps to decrease symptoms of PTSD, inflammation chronic pain, stress and depression.

Ringo’s Gift

This highly unique strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 20 to 1.  In other words, the strain has 20 times as much CBD as THC. The elevated CBD levels in Ringo’s Gift will have you feeling sedated to the point that you feel minimal pain. Ringo’s Gift typically starts out with a lovely sensation near the head then moves down to the rest of the body.

Ringo’s Gift’s magic melts away chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress, and muscle spasms, leaving you feeling noticeably better. Thankfully, Ringo’s Gift isn’t sleep-inducing so don’t hesitate to use it in the morning or daytime hours.

Irish Cream

Irish Cream sounds like a hot beverage enjoyed on the Tundra of Ireland yet it is actually a low-CBD strain becoming more popular with each passing day. It is a hybrid that is indica-dominant. Though there is some debate in regard to the nuances of Irish Cream’s genetic profile, everyone agrees it is highly effective. Independent testing has revealed THC levels in this strain ranging from 16% to 27%.

Take a puff of this dank strain and you just might feel as though you’ve downed a swig of Bailey’s. The resulting physical relaxation will help you feel at ease, eliminate your stress and make it that much easier to transition from a tough day at work to an enjoyable evening.

Godfather OG

Godfather OG is named as such as OG is a reference to original gangster, meaning this is a classic strain sure to make you feel calm and cool. Though Godfather OG has a comparably high THC level of 28%, it has a low CBD level. The strain’s CBD level is 0.1% to 0.7%.  Those who give Godfather OG a chance often testify it is akin to a combination of Granddaddy Purple, Cherry Pie and O Kush. In fact, Godfather OG has even won the Best Indica award from the High Times Cannabis Cup in previous years.

Try OG Godfather for yourself and you’ll agree it starts out with a cerebral sense of euphoria that transitions to the indica component, helping the entirety of your body relax. Whether you are a recreational flower user or use flowers for medical purposes, you will fall in love with Godfather OG at first toke.