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What is a Hemp Pre-roll?

Hemp pre-rolls are simply cigarettes made from hemp flower but without any of cigarettes’ negative health associations. Or the high of smoking a marijuana pre-roll.

What is Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower is the flowering bud harvested from hemp plants.  Hemp is a member of the Cannabis sativa plant family, just like marijuana. But unlike marijuana, hemp does not make you high. And it’s legal!

In the fall of 2018, the new Farm Bill legalized hemp federally. Cannabis plants that had less than .3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, are now legally considered hemp. THC is the only cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that creates a psychoactive, or “high” experience.

Plants that are over .3 percent THC are federally considered marijuana and are still illegal on a federal basis. However, marijuana is legalized in some states.

Hemp for Fiber and Grain VS Hemp Flower

Many people new to smokable hemp are surprised that it can be smoked! Hemp was traditionally grown for its incredibly strong fiber and was once the primary material used to make sails. Hemp produces two types of fiber, along with inner core “bast” fiber that is processed into cloth. And short “hurd” fibers that many sustainably-minded companies are now using to produce things like hempcrete, bedding for animals, or insulation for buildings.

And then there is hemp grain, which is considered a “super grain” high in protein and many essential nutrients. So, we have all those fantastic products the hemp produces.

What Is So Great About Hemp Flower?

The cannabinoids in hemp interact with the human endocannabinoid system, a natural system of receptors that interact with our brain and regulate how we perceive different senses — like pain and stress.

Yes, marijuana can have many of those cannabinoids as well. But because marijuana growers mostly selected plants that produced an intense “high,” they concentrated on varietals with lots of THC in them, but not so much of the other compounds in the cannabis plant. Over 400 different compounds have been identified in cannabis, and scientists are just beginning to discover how they all can benefit human health.

Things were different, however, when hemp was legalized. Breeders were incentivized to concentrate on breeding hemp for compounds that weren’t THC!

Smoking Hemp Pre-Rolls are Better for You than Cigarettes

Many cigarette smokers have taken up smoking hemp as a great way to kick their nicotine habit. Although anytime you inhale smoke, there is potential for damage to your lungs; hemp doesn’t have any of the harmful chemicals that cigarettes do. Nicotine itself is an addictive and harsh chemical, plus cigarettes are made with all sorts of harmful ingredients like lead, arsenic, and benzene.

On the other hand, hemp pre-rolls are simply chopped up natural hemp flower, rolled up in a smokable paper. Sometimes they might have a natural filter insert, but often they are just straight hemp flowers.

Benefits of Hemp Pre-Rolls

 You will get the fastest and most beneficial results by smoking it, rather than ingesting a CBD as a tincture, candy, or applying it topically. That is because the compounds in hemp are most bioavailable when they are absorbed through the membranes in your lungs, which quickly (within about three minutes!) enters your bloodstream and starts circulating through your body. However, when you ingest or apply CBD, it can take hours to feel the effects, and they don’t stick around as long.

Studies have found smoking hemp flower can produce effects in the bloodstream up to three days afterward, versus ingesting CBD was only found in the blood for a few hours later. Plus, research has also found that smoking hemp provides a much bigger bang for the buck! Bioavailability of the compounds in smoked hemp are typically in the 30 to 50 percent range, versus ingested or topically applied CBD is usually less than 20 percent bioavailable.

Hemp Pre-rolls are Convenient to Use

The final advantage of hemp pre-rolls is they are convenient.  You can roll your own, and some hemp lovers prefer the tradition of rolling their own hemp “joint.” Or, you can smoke hemp flower in a pipe.

However, hemp pre-rolls, when purchased from a quality, trusted source, are ready to go, easy to use, and convenient. But, you must buy from a trustworthy company. Make sure you buy only from a hemp company that provides COA’s (certificates of analysis) of all the compounds in their hemp products. You can check that the THC quantity is low and check for high amounts of CBD or CBG.

Check out Colorado Breeders Depot’s premier line of smokable hemp. Feel free to shoot us any questions or requests at our website, www.coloradobreedersdepot, or give us a ring (719) 275-7770. We love talking about smokable hemp and CBD bud!