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Your Guide to Buying High CBD Seeds

Buying high CBD seeds is essential for the overall outcome of your hemp crop ROI. But there are many CBD seed distributors out there, and it can be challenging to know who to trust and buy from.

If you’re new to buying high CBD seeds or you need some extra guidance, we’re here to help. We’ll tell you everything you need to know on how to purchase the best high CBD seeds on the market so you can produce an excellent hemp crop through to harvest.

Why Is Buying Higher CBD Hemp More Valuable?

The cultivation of hemp was legalized in the Farm Bill of 2018. Since then, the call for hemp and CBD oils has grown significantly across the United States. This is the primary reason why cultivating high CBD hemp is so valuable today.

After all, the CBD marketplace is consistently growing and could reach over $20 billion by 2022. As marijuana is still a Schedule I drug, it’s simpler for consumers and cultivators to attain CBD oil extracted from 100% legal hemp.

While the CBD hemp industry is still fresh and consistent, growing techniques and practices aren’t established yet, the ROI on high CBD hemp is significantly higher than industrial hemp. Farmers can typically sell a single pound of high CBD hemp flowers for approximately $350 to $400 per pound. However, industrial hemp usually sells for around $250 to $300 per acre.

While there’s a more significant workload that comes with CBD hemp crop cultivation, the allure of CBD hemp compared to industrial hemp is evident.

The Difference Between Regular and Feminized Hemp Seeds

Female plants are always preferred in the cannabis industry. That’s because non-pollinated female cannabis plants create the highest amounts of cannabinoids. Because of this high preference for female plants, many wholesales sell feminized hemp seeds.

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Buyers who plant these pre-sexed seeds have an approximately 99.9% chance of producing only female plants. As you can imagine, feminized hemp seeds sell at a much higher than their regular counterparts. Farmers who buy CBD hemp seeds must always look out for male plants. Once the male plants are spotted, it’s essential to separate them from the females before their pollen sacs erupt and pollinate the females.

To discover whether you have a male or female plant, look at the nodes on each plant during the pre-flowering stage. Male plants feature pollen sacs, while females have long strands. While it’s rare, farmers can produce a hermaphrodite plant. If this occurs, there will be both strands and sacs in the plant’s nodes. In these cases, treat the plant as you would a made and take it away from the farm quickly.

Often, environmental stressors can lead otherwise healthy female plants to ‘herm out.’ If you buy feminized seeds, always ensure that your plants are reaping the nutrients they need.

How To Choose a Seed Distributor

When buying CBD seeds, only choose feminized high seeds. Feminized hemp seeds create the highest CBD levels when they flower and mature. On the other hand, a male hemp plant that cross-pollinates female hemp plants will cause the entire crop’s CBD production to decrease in seed production significantly.

Even if there are a few odd male plants growing in a crop, the entire crop’s value will drop dramatically. When seeking a genuine and trustworthy high CBD seeds distributor, always research the company and check online reviews to see what other buyers have to say about them.


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A distributor that has positive reviews is likely to be trustworthy, selling great products. All goods and services sold should reflect in the remarks that past customers leave. You should also always confirm a company’s certificate of analysis with every order. Every genuine distributor will have a certificate of analysis, a third-party authentication validating the contents and chemical position of the goods.

The company you choose should also have a rich and deep knowledge of hemp cultivation. This shows that the distributor is in the industry for more than just money. If they know what they’re talking about, you know you’re working with experts in the field.

Transparency is also key. Any high-quality CBD hemp seed distributor will be transparent and open about their products. They won’t have any issues answering any questions or queries on their products, sources, or processes because there isn’t anything dodgy to hide.

Purchasing High CBD Seeds

Quality high CBD seeds are out there, but you must make an effort into finding the right distributor to discover the best seeds online.

If you’re searching for high CBD hemp seeds for your brand or business, you’ve come across the right place. Here at Colorado Breeders Depot, we offer a diverse selection of hemp seeds, including feminized and regular types. We’re your one-stop supplier and shop surrounding everything hemp cultivation and processing.

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We can have you on everything from soil preparation to planting methods to growing requirements and harvest techniques. Whatever you need, we’re here to support new and established hemp farmers in their journey to success. Our farming suggestions and recommendations are backed by data and our in-the-field trialing results.

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