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Your Ultimate User’s Guide to THCO (THC-O)

You might have heard about THCO yet not fully understand what it actually is and why it is becoming popular.  THCO is spilling over into the mainstream in the United States and elsewhere for several reasons.  Also referred to as ATHC and THC Acetate, THCO is short for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate.  Here is a quick look at everything you need to know about THCO.

The THCO Creation Process is Complex

Making THCO requires extensive knowledge of chemistry and botany.  THCO is made with acetylation, an organic reaction that occurs with acetic acid.  Scientists refer to this reaction as organic esterification.  The acetyl functional group is introduced to the chemical compound THC Delta-8 or Delta-9.  In other words, THCO is not naturally derived from cannabis plants.  Only trained chemists have the knowledge and skill necessary to safely create THCO.

THCO has the Potency You are Looking For

Industry veterans are well aware of the fact that THCO is more than two times as potent as the THC naturally contained in cannabis.  In fact, some studies have determined THCO is three times as strong as THC Delta-9.  THCO is also beneficial in that it promotes relaxation, eliminates stress and sets the stage for an enjoyable social experience in the company of others.

Some even insist THCO’s potency activates the spirit, providing a deeply psychedelic experience that enhances mood, mind and body.  This elevated potency is the result of the diminutive acetate molecules within THCO.  This idiosyncratic chemical structure allows for a higher potency, ensuring you feel fantastic after consumption.

Consuming THCO Provides Quite the Unique Experience

Your experience with THCO is not guaranteed to be exactly the same as that of your friends, sibling or another individual.  This is a stronger version of regular cannabis that produces somewhat idiosyncratic experiences.  Some THCO enthusiasts insists it sets the stage for deep introspection.  Others rave about THCO’s psychedelic effect.  As noted above, THCO also has the potential o provide a spiritual experience.

Choose Your Preferred Method of THCO Consumption

THCO is consumed in a wide array of forms.  You can smoke THCO, use it as an edible, consume it through cartridges and even vape it.  Be patient as THCO works its magic on your body and mind.  It might take upwards of half an hour or longer for the full impact of THCO to put you at ease.

Be mindful of your dosage when consuming THCO, regardless of the form you choose.  Start out with a puff or two and see how you feel 30 minutes to 45 minute later.  If you ingest THCO gummies or other edibles, be aware that the resulting feeling will last that much longer than a drop from a tincture or a pull from your vaporizer.  However, the impact of THCO consumed as an edible will be slightly more subdued when juxtaposed with the experience enjoyed after smoking it.

THCO Legality in Your State

The founder of the American Cannabinoid Association, Mathew Guenther, has gone out of his way to make it crystal clear that THCO is perfectly legal for use in the United States.  This legal protection stems from the fact that THCO is a derivative of THC, which has been legalized for recreational and medicinal use in numerous states.  However, be sure to check your state laws before purchasing or consuming THCO.

Above all, do not purchase THCO unless you are at least 21 years of age.  Even in states where THCO sales and consumption are legal, it is illegal to sell it to those under the age of 21 or purchase it on behalf of such minors.

THCO Does More Than Make You Joyful

You need and deserve a form of effective stress relief after a difficult day at work.  THCO will help you relax yet it also has other effects.  More and more people are turning to THCO to combat insomnia.  Some choose THCO as a form of pain relief.

So don’t strictly assume THCO is only good for a euphoric experience.  If you are in pain, cannot sleep or feel stressed as a result of a challenging work environment or the responsibilities of caring for others, THCO will make your life that much easier moving forward.