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Hemp Seed Catalog

Seed Catalog


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Deciding Which Seeds Are Best For CBD Growers

Our Colorado Breeders Seed catalog is for any CBD farmer looking for premium hemp seed information in an easy to read and would like to learn more and compare our available seed strains.

The best way to buy CBD seeds is to make sure that all the information about the growing process is readily available. We strive to offer our best CBD seed details in the clearest, cleanest way we can. Make sure you check out the catalog before setting up a farming consultation with our grow team

Inside, you’ll find heaps of information that isn’t on our CBD seed galleries for our fully feminized hemp seeds. Laying out vital grow details for farmers looking to grow bulk CBD hemp can save time and hassle by having our seed specs laid out in full. Discerning growers looking to farm CBD hemp, whether they want to grow bulk hemp flower or just dabble for a personal amount, should check out this catalog to weigh the pros and cons of each seed to find which are best for your goals and grow conditions.

Seed Catalog Contents

Each page of the seed catalog is dedicated to a single feminized seed strain, and includes the following information:

Since anyone can buy CBD seeds online and grow hemp in their own house, our seed catalog is easy to understand for even first-time growers. Making this information simple to grasp was important for us because access to smokable hemp buds should be available for anyone with an interest in growing premium hemp flower.

The catalog does not provide growth detail on any of our non-feminized seeds, including our vastly popular Tri-Crop industrial hemp strain. Because non-feminized seeds are not pheno-type specific, it’s difficult to pin down certain grown information like terpene profiles and plant sizes. The randomization of our seed packs for breeders similarly aren’t included due to their non-feminization and the wide array of plant traits and characteristics that can potentially form.

Every CBD seed that makes this catalog is predictable and replicable. Simplicity is an underrated quality when it comes to growing premium smokable CBD flower. Making the cultivation and harvest process easy ensures the likelihood of future grows using our top-quality genetics.

We encourage anyone interested in CBD farming the best hemp flower possible to check out the catalog. For any questions or strain information not listed inside, be sure to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have about our CBD hemp seeds for sale. We are confident that the CBD nugs you end up harvesting will be mouthwateringly delicious if you follow our grow recommendations and line up your personal growing season as suggested. Just click the link above to get a PDF file sent straight to your e-mail!